26/04/2018MICKEY MOUSE

I passed my FCE because I didn't go to one of those mickey mouse schools that pop up every now and then in town! Ho superato il mio esame FCE perchè non sono andato in una di quelle scuole (mickey mouse) che ogni tanto spuntano in città.

SUBSTANDARD, POORLY EXECUTED OR ORGANIZED Tutti sappiamo che significa Topolino (quello della Disney) ma nello slang corrente ha un significato ben diverso. Si usa per descrivere qualcosa al di sotto dello standard, malamente eseguito o organizzato, amatoriale o banale
14/02/2017beat around the bush

"Stop beating around the bush! Just say what the problem is!"

avoiding the main topic
12/12/2017cool as a cucumber

Nothing ever upsets him. He's as cool as a cucumber.

very calm, impertubable
30/01/2017COUCH POTATO

Homer Simpson is a real couch potato!

a very lazy person
27/01/2016To smell a rat

I smelt a rat as soon as I saw his face.

To sense something is wrong
01/11/2015Out of the blue

(The children were playing quietly in the garden when out of the blue they started to fight)

01/10/2014It beats me

(It beats me why I didn't pass the Maths test. I was quite sure I would have passed it)

can't understand
01/09/2014Once in a blue moon

(I get a present from my parents once in a blue moon)

Something that happens very rarely