Phrasal verbs

22/05/2018ASK AROUND = chiedere in giro
I asked around but nobody knows where Tess lives.

10/03/2018ASK someone OUT = chiedere a qualcuno di uscire (per un appuntamento)
I am so happy Jason asked me out! I like him so much!

03/02/2017TOP UP = riempire, colmare, ricaricare
I need to top up my phone. I have no credit left.
Your glass is empty. I'll top it up for you.
30/01/2016FIND OUT = scoprire
We should find out more information on the topic.

14/11/2016Look into/ Look up/Look after
Detectives are looking into the crime (investigate)
The boy didn’t know the word so he looked it up in the dictionary (search for a word or some information)
Paul looked after his little brother (to take care of someone; to make sure that somebody or something is safe)